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 Important Numerology Meanings

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The first numerology number meaning I want to go over is the Expression Number. This number is also known as your personality or potential number and is calculated using all the numbers from your birth name. A number is designated for every letter in the alphabet and you would simply add the corresponding numbers to the letters in your name. This will have be the name you
were given at birth including middle names.

This number corresponds to the personal potential and talents at your disposal in
this lifetime. These results can be daunting to those who feel overwhelmed with
their potential because they don’t feel it’s possible. Or it can seem depressing to
those who feel disappointed with themselves and what they’ve achieved thus far in

Either way, an Expression Number reading can be a wake up call to to those who feel
they’ve strayed from their born potentials. It can also help those who feel it’s
hard to live up to these expectations by making them aware of the need to just live
in the here and now and you will fulfill your life ambitions.

Another core element is the Soul Urge Number. this is calculated by adding the
numbers corresponding to the vowels contained within your name…. once again your
full name at birth. This unique interpretation may be thought of as the measure of
how ethical you are in this life.

The Soul urge Reading is of a spiritual nature that can help point you on the path
of true fulfillment in this life. This ultimately can help you to live your days to
to the fullist and “radiate” your positive energy, rather than to simply survive.

Another core element, sometimes also known as the Hearts Desire or Soul Path
Number, is also associated with finding your soul mate.

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Lastly the Destiny Number, also called the Karmic Number, is there to reveal your
hopes, fantasies, and even your secret fears. It can even give you an idea of
others’ first impression of you.

Numerologists have been known to think of this number as a reflection of who you
were in your last life. You may have experienced times when you’ve felt you “can’t
win for losing” and a Destiny Number reading can actually help you understand why
you’ve felt this way.

This nebulous core number can sometimes have a distorting effect on the influences
of the other core numbers. The contradictory nature of it is why most people often
need to resort to the readings of a professional to get to the very essence to the nature of their lives.

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Numerology Meanings And Your Life Path


There are numerous elements within numerology readings but the four most important numbers that help define you as a person are your Life Path Number, your Expression Number , Your Soul Urge Number, and your Destiny Number. These will become the keys to finding the numerology meanings in your reading results .

First have a look at this video for an easy to understand description of numbers one through nine , accompanied by  Beethoven , a  highly creative (and egocentric)  Life Path Number 7.

Through the process of examining names and birth dates, numerologists can help people to understand the personalities, personal strengths, weaknesses, talents, inner needs,and even ways of dealing with relationships in their lives.

A professional numerologist can reveal these traits by deciphering the meanings of the unique numbers of individuals found in a  numerology reading.

The Life Path Number, which is the most commonly requested reading in numerology, is found by assigning numerical values to your birthday….. written in this form if you were born June 14th in 1961 => 06/14/1961. In this case you add 6 to 14 (reduced to 1 4=5) and then add 1 9 6 1 (equals 17 reduced to 8 ).  S0  6 5 8 =  19 reduced to 20 reduced to (2 0) => Life Path Number 2.

BTW [*The exception to the rule of the calculation above is with the ‘Master Numbers’ 11 and 22 – i.e.November the 11th month, birthdays on the 11th or 22nd, or sum totals of 11 or 22. These numbers are not converted to single digits.] 

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I’ll show you how to calculate your  Life Path number in a moment, but once you’ve determined it, how will you interpret what it means…that is , the unique essence of YOUR number in specifics? There are 9 of them, and   I have a special treat for you. I’m going to give you my all-encompassing 21 page Ebook with descriptions and meanings of each of the 9 Life Path Numbers. Over 5,000 words of information that you can use to get an in depth interpretation of your Life Path number, and it’s absolutely F.R.E.E, no strings attached! You’ll be amazed at the accuracy of your personal  traits, and the traits of friends or family LP Numbers you’d like to calculate just for fun.

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Your Numerology Name And How It Influences Your Life

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Your Numerology Name Has a Great Deal of Importance

Numerology briefly put, is about the study of the symbolism of numbers, and how they can be used to shed light on the very nature of our lives in the present and even the future.

It helps in determining a person’s overall personality, talents, strengths, inner needs, obstacles that are to be overcome, and habits. With the help of simple mathematical formulas applied to the numbers that represent an individuals birth date and numerology name, a professional numerologist can flesh out an accurate and complete analysis of a person’s character.

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So where did Numerology and its association with name meanings come from?

Many attribute it to the great Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Over 2500 years ago Pythagoras discovered that musical sounds have corresponding numerical values. When a string is plucked it produces a given pitch, but when the string is divided into exact number of parts the resulting vibrations produce harmonious sounds.So if you divide it in half the pitch increases by an exact octave….if divided by a third it increases by a fifth, and so on. Pythagoras found that chords that sound pleasing to the ear ( the western ear ) are produced by precise divisions of a string by whole numbers , and anything in between will result in a discordant sound.

So what does this have to do with numerology name meanings?

To Pythagoras and his Pythagorean followers in the years to come, the numeric association between music and numbers had a mystical force. This bond between numbers and nature was so compelling that they began to realize that not only the sounds of nature, but all her essential aspects could very well be luminous and understandable numbers that manifest themselves harmonically. So in the reality of numerology, nature presents us with shapes like crystals, waves, the human body. Thus it became the task of numerologist to make sense of the numerical relations between numbers and how they affect the lives we live, and our life path to be.

Just as each sound is associated with vibrations and the corresponding numbers, the letters in our birth name and their corresponding numbers can reveal characteristics about ourselves not only in a mystical way, but with the certainty of scientific clarity.

There are three important letter factors in your name that a numerologist will start with when interpreting your numerology name meaning.
First there is The Cornerstone letter. This is the first letter of your name and it essentially reflects on aspects of your personality and how you respond to and handle adversity in your life.
Next comes the Capstone which is the last letter in your name so for John Smith the letter is “h” and corresponds to the number 8. This letter determines how well you’re able to finish things you’ve started. So are you disciplined or maybe a little bit flaky.
The last letter is the First Vowel which is exactly that, the first vowel in your name. This letter really gets down to the essence of your being, your deepest convictions and aspirations, the things about you that really make you tick.

This is some basic information of the meanings behind your numerology name and how they came to be. But if you want to really dig deep into how your name came be analyzed to find out crucial aspects of your life and even your future then I would recommend getting an actual numerology reading.

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Five ways to find numerology psychics and how they can help you

Okay, so you were born on this month, date and year and these are set of numbers that will never ever be changed at any point in your life. This goes straight to your records and will forever be part of you for the rest of your life. That moment of your existence becomes your permanent number that will behold the path that you’ll trudge wherever it might be. But for sure, this isn’t what these numbers associated with you is all about. And most times, what makes sense is just a surface we are itching to scratch to see what’s beneath. There seemed to be an underlying mystery that’s beyond incomprehensible.

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That’s exactly what numerology is as opposed to be just a bland number. Numbers may make up all of the measurable entities in the universe but there are purposive uses of it that of course numerology is more than happy to compensate. Beyond the realms of our being lies such vast undiscovered facet of us and it is but just apt to find ways to unearth it.
Numerology psychics are totally making this journey to self-discovery a whole lot easier process in my humble opinion. Numerology psychics in particular have charted the path to such self-discovery and gave such unique dimension to the numbers that we know of. Online psychics that render these type of service are abundant so we got to somehow narrow the effective and legit ways in finding them in cyberspace and how exactly then can be of help.
So I will be sharing some tips that may land you to finding numerology psychics that can definitely fulfill your curiosity:
Well, browsing through the Internet must not be included on the list for it is particularly the very medium we will be using in search for the five best ways in finding numerology psychics.

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1.) First off, find the best psychic sites—getting yourself to begin looking for the best psychic sites will definitely put you on the right track! Why is that so? Well, you will be accomplishing a huge percentage of your search as the best there is when it comes to psychic sites will almost as certain holds the key in hooking you up for the best numerology psychic. There’s no giveaway on this for the reason it wouldn’t be hard to identify the best psychic sites out there, believe me.
2.) The moment you found the best site, check the profiles of its psychic numerologists in their lineup—it isn’t like a supposed best, credible website would lie about the credentials of its psychics, wouldn’t it? Looking at the curriculum vitae of the numerology psychics the site has on its disposal should be a diligent task to perform. I strongly suggest an extensive review of their credentials and their experience as it will play a major role on your decision. Because the moment you found the one, it is highly likely you will stick to it as would most practice suggest.
3.) Check the works of the chosen numerology psychic—a lot, if not all of the psychic websites out there include all the related works of their psychics—numerology psychics included. Be it on their published works, television and film appearances that give credence to their talents and of course checking the feedback from their satisfied clients that’s normally posted on the website.
4.) Make sure to write down the contact details—we can get all excited from all of the prospects but please, this is a definite “must”! Indeed, most times, the easiest thing to do is usually the forgotten step on all of our endeavors. It goes without saying that no way you can get started with all these by skipping this part.
5.) Inhale/ Exhale—as the moment of truth beckons a glimmer of full anticipated hope, at this point getting yourself iffy wouldn’t do much good. Relax! While treating this as one of those emancipating moments, the thrills that excite you to no end all will be part of this process of getting service from numerology psychics and all that goes with it. Getting yourself zoned in and physically prepared often bring the best results.

Getting us to the best numerology psychics could lead into one of the best experience and awakening one could ever have. But more importantly, such experience could be a validation of sort for the same group of people that made sure that numerology psychic as a service could be a force to reckon with. Frankly, a lot of things in life are like stones that were unturned maybe because there’s a lot of reluctance, if not resistance for such method.

That’s a must-have bucket list, ain’t it? This is the tried and tested way for me that got me hooked to the best numerology psychics there is without giving away too much. Oh, yes! I would’ve handed to you all in silver platter who my choice(s) is/are but that takes away much of the fun, hehe! You can comment here your own effective list of getting the best numerology psychics so let’s get the ball rolling.

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Images by Tom Magleiry and Mowat Andrew Under Creative Commons License

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What You Should Know About a Numerology Reading

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Since Numerology is the study of numbers to analyze one’s personality and also render a prediction where the future lies, I thought I’d provide an explanation of what the numbers in a numerology reading actually mean in layman’s terms.

It is believed that the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras and his followers originated the system of Numerology over 2500 years ago. He discovered that everything in nature can be best understood with a scientific mathematical association rather than simply attaching mythical explanations for the existence of say the stars and planets, or even the animal and floral life all around us.

From there he determined that everything in life is measured in numbers….. and thus there became a need for one to know and understand the numbers behind the names. So from the human perspective, we can measure the numbers of one’s date of birth, date of death, salary increments and even public holidays.This knowledge of the numeric meanings can help us understand what our life path is and plan accordingly.

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  • The Number 1. This digit stresses independence, leadership and attainment. People who have a number 1 in their aura can be very good leaders. Independent thinking and being capable of “standing on your own” come to mind with the number one.
  • Number 2. A number 2 person is sensitive and likes to cooperate with others in order to a positive effect on people they know.However, because their extreme empathy for other peoples issues, they often end up not living their own life fully.That is, they are putting too much energy into the problems of others in their life. Some people may see this trait as a weakness and take advantage of it.
  • Number 3. This number in a personality represents joy and optimism about life. People who possess this digit enjoy interacting and socializing with people, and finding  fulfilling companionship. They are chosen to lead parties and events because they have a charming personality and are not offensive to others.
  • Number 4. This number can show a humble, down to earth person with a sense of limitation. That is, these people are able to do long and tedious work and can be very analytical in what they do.
  • Number 5. A number 5 person is generally full of excitement and uses their sense of freedom constructively to do well in their life. These individuals are extremely talented and use their skills to benefit others.
  • Number 6. numerology reading of 6 in a personality suggests traits of being balanced, responsible and loving.These individuals are able to comfort others as they are very caring and like to assist others. Even though they want to help, it is important to note that they are not going to feel responsible for everyone’s issues, unlike the number 2 dominant person tends to do.
  • Number 7. A number 7 personality tends to be analytical and seeks the truth as well as understanding. These people are spiritual and like to know the deeper  meaning  of things.
  • Number 8. This number points to a desire for success, power and recognition. Such people have a strong knack for business and mastery in commerce. Persons with this trait like material satisfaction and have to learn that attainment of wealth is a means to an end.
  • Number 9 . This number shows a person who gives without expecting anything in return. This person is compassionate and loves to help others. This person is a humanitarian…….they don’t think any different between the neighbor next door and a person living in an entirely different culture on the other side of the globe.

Now these very brief descriptions of the nature of the numbers one through nine are of course only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to interpreting details from a Numerology Reading. You really do owe it to yourself to let a professional break it down for you in a complete and revealing way.    Click Here to Get Your Free Numerology Reading Now !    

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What Do We Mean By Numerology Predictions ?


Since numerology is the language of numbers and the World is based on the power of Numbers and their symbolic significance, a numerology reading can forecast the destiny of an individual over a broad set of possible life path choices such as:


  • What are the economical and political trends are on the horizon that may affect your life?
  • What are the financial challenges you may encounter and how knowing about them can help you to stay ahead in the game.
  • predictions regarding your love life….what are your strengths and weaknesses that you’ll need to balance in order to strengthen your relationships moving forward?
  • And over the period of time into the future are you most interested in .Is it the next few months, days, the upcoming year?


Numerology predictions are not meant to foretell the future literally, but rather to give you pertinent information, the keys that you can use to probe your potential and take control of your destiny with your own intentions.


Just think of what it would be like for you if you could pinpoint your ideal soul mate. Wouldn’t knowing this information help you to avoid wasted time and emotional distress by knowing how to find someone you connect with and can build a happy fulfilling life together?


A numerology reading can help you predict who will be most compatible with you by revealing personality numbers that are most compatible with yours.It will also speak to you of the Life Path numbers to look for that will give you two the best chance for a successful long term relationship.


How about money? Wouldn’t it help to know the upcoming economic trends this coming year so you could take advantage and know where to invest your hard earned cash? Change is a constant in the universe and those who can get even just a glimpse of the upcoming economic and political twists and turns will be able to use this foresight to their own advantage financially as well as for the security of their family.


A numerology reading from an experienced numerologist can be an astonishing revelation not only to the aspects of your life today, but with it’s ability to predict a cogent glimpse into the future possibilities of the world around you…….it may become one of the most amazing and important experiences of your life. Make this the year the most rewarding year of your life 

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A Numerolgi Reading  (also spelled Numerology) can give you needed answers about your love life

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Has your love life has been on the brink of extinction for  the last few weeks,months,years?…… If so, read on because you’ve come to the right place. I think you will find Numerologi can be the  “Find Your Soul Mate” GOLDMINE !!!

Numerologi reading , done by an experienced professional, can
reveal everything you need to know about what to look for in a
person that will ensure that their personality type is a
perfect match for you.

How Does This Work?

Numbers have been around for tens of thousands of years. In
today’s society, numbers are used mainly to keep track of phone
numbers, finances, birth dates, identification cards, basic
counting, and for many more practical uses. What most people
don’t know is that numbers are also used for divine purposes in
order to learn more about ourselves as human beings. Birth
dates and names can be used to describe our very personality as
well as our life path. The study of numbers that focuses on the
divine aspects is known as Numerologi.

Understanding Numerologi

Numerologi is quite easy to understand once the basics are
known. The letters in our name are each assigned a numeric
value corresponding with where that letter is in the alphabet


If the sum of a name is equal to or greater than two digits,
each digit is then added together until a single number is
reached. For example, the name Mark would be the numbers 13, 1,
18, and 11. Those numbers are added together resulting in the
number 43. Then 4 and 3 are added together revealing that the
destiny number of the name Mark is 7.
The destiny number describes the ideal talents and attributes
of a person as well as what that person should aspire to be in
life. The soul urge number and personality number also comes
from the name. The soul urge number defines the desire of a
person’s heart and if found by adding only the vowels of a
name. The personality number describes how a person acts in
front of others and comes from the sum of the consonants in a

In order to know more about a person’s inner traits and what
they’re looking for in life, the sum of their birth date must
be added up in the same way as a name in order to reveal their
life path number. For example, with the date 11/11/1977 one
would first add 11, 11, and 1977 resulting in the number 1999.
Then 1, 9, 9, and 9 will add up to be 10. Since 10 is a two-
digit number, the life path number comes out to be 1.

The above information is the standard use of Numerologi today
and can be very accurate when describing a person’s personality
and life path they should take. Those interested in the subject
will find that it can get extremely complex, but will also
realize that it can be quite an interesting subject to study.
Numbers have and will always be a significant part of our lives
and even more so to those that understand their divine meaning.

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