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The first numerology number meaning I want to go over is the Expression Number. This number is also known as your personality or potential number and is calculated using all the numbers from your birth name. A number is designated for every letter in the alphabet and you would simply add the corresponding numbers to the letters in your name. This will have be the name you
were given at birth including middle names.

This number corresponds to the personal potential and talents at your disposal in
this lifetime. These results can be daunting to those who feel overwhelmed with
their potential because they don't feel it's possible. Or it can seem depressing to
those who feel disappointed with themselves and what they've achieved thus far in

Either way, an Expression Number reading can be a wake up call to to those who feel
they've strayed from their born potentials. It can also help those who feel it's
hard to live up to these expectations by making them aware of the need to just live
in the here and now and you will fulfill your life ambitions.

Another core element is the Soul Urge Number. this is calculated by adding the
numbers corresponding to the vowels contained within your name.... once again your
full name at birth. This unique interpretation may be thought of as the measure of
how ethical you are in this life.

The Soul urge Reading is of a spiritual nature that can help point you on the path
of true fulfillment in this life. This ultimately can help you to live your days to
to the fullist and "radiate" your positive energy, rather than to simply survive.

Another core element, sometimes also known as the Hearts Desire or Soul Path
Number, is also associated with finding your soul mate.

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Lastly the Destiny Number, also called the Karmic Number, is there to reveal your
hopes, fantasies, and even your secret fears. It can even give you an idea of
others' first impression of you.

Numerologists have been known to think of this number as a reflection of who you
were in your last life. You may have experienced times when you've felt you "can't
win for losing" and a Destiny Number reading can actually help you understand why
you've felt this way.

This nebulous core number can sometimes have a distorting effect on the influences
of the other core numbers. The contradictory nature of it is why most people often
need to resort to the readings of a professional to get to the very essence to the nature of their lives.

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