What You Should Know About a Numerology Reading

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Since Numerology is the study of numbers to analyze one’s personality and also render a prediction where the future lies, I thought I'd provide an explanation of what the numbers in a numerology reading actually mean in layman’s terms.

It is believed that the mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras and his followers originated the system of Numerology over 2500 years ago. He discovered that everything in nature can be best understood with a scientific mathematical association rather than simply attaching mythical explanations for the existence of say the stars and planets, or even the animal and floral life all around us.

From there he determined that everything in life is measured in numbers..... and thus there became a need for one to know and understand the numbers behind the names. So from the human perspective, we can measure the numbers of one’s date of birth, date of death, salary increments and even public holidays.This knowledge of the numeric meanings can help us understand what our life path is and plan accordingly.

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  • The Number 1. This digit stresses independence, leadership and attainment. People who have a number 1 in their aura can be very good leaders. Independent thinking and being capable of "standing on your own" come to mind with the number one.
  • Number 2. A number 2 person is sensitive and likes to cooperate with others in order to a positive effect on people they know.However, because their extreme empathy for other peoples issues, they often end up not living their own life fully.That is, they are putting too much energy into the problems of others in their life. Some people may see this trait as a weakness and take advantage of it.
  • Number 3. This number in a personality represents joy and optimism about life. People who possess this digit enjoy interacting and socializing with people, and finding  fulfilling companionship. They are chosen to lead parties and events because they have a charming personality and are not offensive to others.
  • Number 4. This number can show a humble, down to earth person with a sense of limitation. That is, these people are able to do long and tedious work and can be very analytical in what they do.
  • Number 5. A number 5 person is generally full of excitement and uses their sense of freedom constructively to do well in their life. These individuals are extremely talented and use their skills to benefit others.
  • Number 6. numerology reading of 6 in a personality suggests traits of being balanced, responsible and loving.These individuals are able to comfort others as they are very caring and like to assist others. Even though they want to help, it is important to note that they are not going to feel responsible for everyone’s issues, unlike the number 2 dominant person tends to do.
  • Number 7. A number 7 personality tends to be analytical and seeks the truth as well as understanding. These people are spiritual and like to know the deeper  meaning  of things.
  • Number 8. This number points to a desire for success, power and recognition. Such people have a strong knack for business and mastery in commerce. Persons with this trait like material satisfaction and have to learn that attainment of wealth is a means to an end.
  • Number 9 . This number shows a person who gives without expecting anything in return. This person is compassionate and loves to help others. This person is a humanitarian.......they don't think any different between the neighbor next door and a person living in an entirely different culture on the other side of the globe.

Now these very brief descriptions of the nature of the numbers one through nine are of course only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to interpreting details from a Numerology Reading. You really do owe it to yourself to let a professional break it down for you in a complete and revealing way.    Click Here to Get Your Free Numerology Reading Now !    

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