A Numerolgi Reading  (also spelled Numerology) can give you needed answers about your love life

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Has your love life has been on the brink of extinction for  the last few weeks,months,years?...... If so, read on because you've come to the right place. I think you will find Numerologi can be the  "Find Your Soul Mate" GOLDMINE !!!

Numerologi reading , done by an experienced professional, can
reveal everything you need to know about what to look for in a
person that will ensure that their personality type is a
perfect match for you.

How Does This Work?

Numbers have been around for tens of thousands of years. In
today’s society, numbers are used mainly to keep track of phone
numbers, finances, birth dates, identification cards, basic
counting, and for many more practical uses. What most people
don’t know is that numbers are also used for divine purposes in
order to learn more about ourselves as human beings. Birth
dates and names can be used to describe our very personality as
well as our life path. The study of numbers that focuses on the
divine aspects is known as Numerologi.

Understanding Numerologi

Numerologi is quite easy to understand once the basics are
known. The letters in our name are each assigned a numeric
value corresponding with where that letter is in the alphabet


If the sum of a name is equal to or greater than two digits,
each digit is then added together until a single number is
reached. For example, the name Mark would be the numbers 13, 1,
18, and 11. Those numbers are added together resulting in the
number 43. Then 4 and 3 are added together revealing that the
destiny number of the name Mark is 7.
The destiny number describes the ideal talents and attributes
of a person as well as what that person should aspire to be in
life. The soul urge number and personality number also comes
from the name. The soul urge number defines the desire of a
person’s heart and if found by adding only the vowels of a
name. The personality number describes how a person acts in
front of others and comes from the sum of the consonants in a

In order to know more about a person’s inner traits and what
they’re looking for in life, the sum of their birth date must
be added up in the same way as a name in order to reveal their
life path number. For example, with the date 11/11/1977 one
would first add 11, 11, and 1977 resulting in the number 1999.
Then 1, 9, 9, and 9 will add up to be 10. Since 10 is a two-
digit number, the life path number comes out to be 1.

The above information is the standard use of Numerologi today
and can be very accurate when describing a person’s personality
and life path they should take. Those interested in the subject
will find that it can get extremely complex, but will also
realize that it can be quite an interesting subject to study.
Numbers have and will always be a significant part of our lives
and even more so to those that understand their divine meaning.

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