Your Numerology Name And How It Influences Your Life

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Your Numerology Name Has a Great Deal of Importance

Numerology briefly put, is about the study of the symbolism of numbers, and how they can be used to shed light on the very nature of our lives in the present and even the future.

It helps in determining a person’s overall personality, talents, strengths, inner needs, obstacles that are to be overcome, and habits. With the help of simple mathematical formulas applied to the numbers that represent an individuals birth date and numerology name, a professional numerologist can flesh out an accurate and complete analysis of a person’s character.

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So where did Numerology and its association with name meanings come from?

Many attribute it to the great Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. Over 2500 years ago Pythagoras discovered that musical sounds have corresponding numerical values. When a string is plucked it produces a given pitch, but when the string is divided into exact number of parts the resulting vibrations produce harmonious sounds.So if you divide it in half the pitch increases by an exact octave....if divided by a third it increases by a fifth, and so on. Pythagoras found that chords that sound pleasing to the ear ( the western ear ) are produced by precise divisions of a string by whole numbers , and anything in between will result in a discordant sound.

So what does this have to do with numerology name meanings?

To Pythagoras and his Pythagorean followers in the years to come, the numeric association between music and numbers had a mystical force. This bond between numbers and nature was so compelling that they began to realize that not only the sounds of nature, but all her essential aspects could very well be luminous and understandable numbers that manifest themselves harmonically. So in the reality of numerology, nature presents us with shapes like crystals, waves, the human body. Thus it became the task of numerologist to make sense of the numerical relations between numbers and how they affect the lives we live, and our life path to be.

Just as each sound is associated with vibrations and the corresponding numbers, the letters in our birth name and their corresponding numbers can reveal characteristics about ourselves not only in a mystical way, but with the certainty of scientific clarity.

There are three important letter factors in your name that a numerologist will start with when interpreting your numerology name meaning.
First there is The Cornerstone letter. This is the first letter of your name and it essentially reflects on aspects of your personality and how you respond to and handle adversity in your life.
Next comes the Capstone which is the last letter in your name so for John Smith the letter is "h" and corresponds to the number 8. This letter determines how well you're able to finish things you've started. So are you disciplined or maybe a little bit flaky.
The last letter is the First Vowel which is exactly that, the first vowel in your name. This letter really gets down to the essence of your being, your deepest convictions and aspirations, the things about you that really make you tick.

This is some basic information of the meanings behind your numerology name and how they came to be. But if you want to really dig deep into how your name came be analyzed to find out crucial aspects of your life and even your future then I would recommend getting an actual numerology reading.

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