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Love Numerology



The influence that a Life Path Number has on Love Numerology Compatibility relationships, has a considerable impact in determining how to find your harmonious mate. It isn't the only method in finding your romantic partner considering the vast numbers in a persons Numerology chart. There are certainly other forces that can affect ones romantic interests but this is a good place to start.

The Number 1 Life Path

Those of us that are number 1 Life Path's will find that their love numerology relationship possibilities lie mostly in numbers 5 or 3. The steadfast lifestyle of a number 1, can actually be balanced by these two personality types that are .

For starters, the number 5 who is known as an adventurous character, is compromising and too laid to back to let someone that's occasionally pigheaded get the upper hand. The number 1 is likely to get overwhelmed by the number five's energetic vibrations, and cool down its habit of needing to be in charge all the time.

The carefree number 3 can be a compatible match, even up against the serious-minded number 1. The personality of the 3 is very easygoing and will simply disregard number one's insecure ways, and downplay any negativity that comes along.

There's also the affectionate and considerate number 6 that could be a compatible partner to number 1. After all, number 6 is so congenial and amicable and he (or she) gets along with most all the numbers anyway.

Do You Have Interest In A Number 1 Person?

If you are looking to hook up with a number 1, you need to ask yourself if you're going to be Ok with the ongoing competitiveness that you will experience. The two of you may clash from the get go if you are used to being in charge like the number 1 is. If you are an 8, don't even think about it. The constant rivalry between the two of you could turn into a train wreck.

If you are a 7 or a 2 there are possibilities for a union between you two. The spiritual and thoughtful 7 with some patience could spark up a lasting and romantic relationship with a number 1. The discreet and sensible number 2 might be a match. But both of these numbers will have to be willing to give and take a bit more than usual to keep love growing with a number 1.



Life Path Number 2


In the mystic world of love numerology, setting up plan using Life Path numbers can be a short cut to finding your soul mate. As a Life Path 2, your best bet for a lasting romance will most likely be with numbers 8 or 9. The business opportunist and idealist personality of a number 8 is a good match for number 2, with its absolute determination, diligence and romantic nature. The calm and collected number 9 could sway the personality of number 2, particularly with its aloof mannerism that is more of a magnet than a turn off. Don't overlook the number 6 as a prospect. Its caring and protective ways could be very appealing to a number 2.

Numbers 3 and 5 can appear as good match ups for awhile with the five's enthusiastic and adventuresome life style, or the number 3 always positive and upbeat. But it won't be long before number 2 finds out that they can drain you over time with their carelessness and indulgence . The sensible and reliable number 4 might seem a good match at first, but will ultimately turn out dull and tiresome.


Life Path number 3


In an odd way, numbers 5 and 7 seem to work the best for number 3. The calm and mysterious introvert number 7 appears to balance the invigorating number 3. But the one that matches up the best emerges from number 5. With its venturesome and audacious personality, it fulfills the capriciousness that can balance number 3.

A couple more numbers that sometimes match up are 1 and 2. The imperious and critical number 1 is appealing to number 3 with its physical demeanor. Number 2 will draw him or her with its intuition and compassionate personality.

Numbers 4 and 6 are not compatible to 3's even though they might seem so at first. The congenial and always agreeable number 6 gets worn down by the 3's disorderly lifestyle, and 4 just seems to bring out the worst in their relationship.


Life Path number 4


The life path 4 people have a stronger connection with their partners then most other numbers do. Number 4 appreciates the down-to-earth and common lifestyle that is relevant to lasting relationships.

If you are a 4, then goal-oriented, uncompromising, and centered individuals like numbers 1 and 8 are your ticket to a long partnership. In most cases, a good relationship is strongest when the two of you have attributes that are completely different from each other. It's like the annoying term you've heard too many times, "you completely me". A good example of that is a number 8 as a fanciful dreamer hooking up with you, the number 4 who is the meticulous perfectionist partner. Number 4 may also be attracted to a number 6, the maternal/paternal personality. Just be sure you're OK with having multiple children to help raise for years to come.

Numbers to stay away from:

  • 1. Number 3- too capricious and erratic for your grounded lifestyle .
    2. Number 5- uneasy and energetic habits will where you down
    3. Number 9- The Impractical and idealist of this personality will surely clash at some point with your pragmatic and sensible ways.


Life Path number 5


If you are a life path 5, you'll have a broad range of numerology relationship possibilities because of your faithful and dedicated qualities. The downside is that your unsettled nature and ongoing need for change tends to make these numerology compatibility relationships short lived. You have to find partners that aren't calculable or demanding to offset your restless ways. Here are some numbers that have potential:

  • 1. Number 1- This bold and fearless leader can keep you from straying out of your devoted path.
  • 2. Number 3- With her (his) positive and inventive characteristics, you will have plenty on your hands to keep from getting bored with the relationship.
  • 3. Number 6- This selfless and supportive person will be a great catch if you don't push her (him) away.
  • 4. Number 7- The Calm and sincere 7 can counterbalance your sel-indulgent and disorderly flaws.
  • 5. Number 5- Very rare to match same number personalities, but these two often combine to life wonderful lives together. Their love of freedom and venturesome make for a lifestyle that lacks boredom.



Numbers That Conflict with Number 5


The predictability of a number 4 will put off number 5 rather quickly. Your occasional unmanageable character will be upsetting to him (her) while the 4 is just too predictable for you to deal with. Your love of trying new things all the time is going to push away the goal focused and visionary characteristics of numbers of 9 and 8.



Life Path number 6


The number 6's willingness to sacrifice for its partner is appealing to all the other numbers. The congenial and agreeable number 6 has a history of long relationships with a wide variety of personality types because of its unlimited capacity for passion and caring for others. Still, some numbers are more compatible then others.

Number 2 shares a harmonious quality that matches number 6, as both are driven by heart rather then intellect. The compassion of number 9, and the leadership and courage of 8 are extremely compatible with number 6 as well. If I had to pick a number that would be the most awkward  match with 6, I'd say it is number 3. The scattered and carelessness would really be difficult to take for a number 6. After that would be the number 5 with its overly ambitious and self-directed persona.



Life Path number 7


Number 7 is an anomaly among the numerology relationship numbers. If this is your life path number then your probability of getting married, and having the marriage last, will be the least of all life path numbers. The number 7 doesn't put a lasting relationship on the top of her (his) schedule, in fact it's pretty far down the list. Many of them do eventually get married, but much later in life then other numbers.

Their exalted aspirations and expectancy make it rough for partners to live up to. The number 3 might have a chance with her (his) wit, ingenuity, and innovative nature. Number 5, with its intellectual sharpness and challenging conversation is another prospect. This is the turn on for number 7, numbers 3 and 5 dare you in intellectual dialogue.

Here are a few numbers that are at the bottom of 7's list:

  • 1. Number 2- too shallow, artificial, and emotional.
  • 2. Number 1- overbearing and somewhat arrogant.
  • 3. Number 8- A materialist, total turn off to number 7's values of spirituality and contemplative nature.
  • 4. Number 9- Too standoffish and unfriendly. This is very different from 7's seemingly aloof behavior. In reality this is just his (her) introvertive way of seeking an opening to bond with someone.



Life Path number 8


Numerology compatibility for  number 8 usually migrates to partners that will let you be in charge of the relationship. This is not to say you want total control, but you do feel more comfortable if you have a handle on the partnership.

Good Number Match ups for the 8:

  • 1. Number 4- As a down-to-earth, systematic, practical and goal driven individual, you match up well with number 4. The two of you are compatible with a passion for each other, and work well together in business and other work environments.
  • 2. Number 2- The clear and optimistic traits of 2 along with trustworthy values make this number appealing to the 8
  • 3. Number 6- caring and self sacrifice make number 6 a good match



The Incompatible Numbers:

  • 1. Number 1- Too competitive and self-supporting, will challenge number 8 at every turn.
  • 2. Number 5- Too independent and free spirited for the 8 that wants some contol in the relationship.
  • 3. Number 3- Artistic, brainstorming and unreliable personality. But would resent the number 8's wishes to keep things orderly around the house.



Life Path number 9


This number is the most disputed of them all when it comes to relationship compatibility. Living a sort of "covert" life in terms of social engagement, number 9 likes to keep his (her) distance from others. Number 9 prefers to keep a refined and elegant appearance that puts him (her) separate from common folks. Number 9 can be trustworthy and a true friend, but is still only comfortable keeping the fears and apprehensions hidden.

Still, there are many life path numerology compatible personalities out there that are a good match up. The intuitional and considerate number 2, has an instinctive trait that can penetrate number 9's artificial shield. The number 6 has common traits with 9 including concern for humanity and community that leads them to a warm compatible relationship. Numbers 9 and 3 are both imaginative and innovative people. 3 has a sense of fun that can overcome 9's occasional streaks of intensity.

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