Choosing A Baby Name Based On Numerology

Our Baby Name Numerology

Baby Name Numerology

Most parents want to be sure that the name they pick for their baby is perfect for its lifetime. Our Baby Name Numerology method  involves a little calculation of these numbers. Pick a name that will allow your child to grow up embodying the personality traits of his or her number. The gender of the child is universal . You'll find that baby boy names according to numerology are just as significant as  names for a girl.

How To Calculate Baby Names 

How to name baby according to numerology

How to name baby according to numerology involves using one of the methods. We'll start with the Name Value Calculation Method. The name number refers to the day of the month the baby is born. If you are trying to determine baby names as per numerology before he or she is born, find out its predicted arrival. Next, find or create a chart where the alphabet is written out on the top line and the bottom line counts the numbers one through nine repeatedly. “A” would have the value of “1,” “B” would be represented as “2,” and so on until letter “I” which is valued at “9.” “J” is valued again at “1” because the number “10” is written as “1-0” and is viewed as a one next to a zero.


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After you've have your chart prepared, its time to write down the complete name of your child. Delegate each letter of the name with the number that coincides on the chart. Next, add the numbers up, which will probably result in two digits. Now add these 2 digits together, for example, if it's 21 then add 2+1=3... three is your number.

If the calculation results in a 2 digit number that adds up to another 2 digit number, and that added together as a sum of two digits, then just keep going until it adds to 1 digit. Describing it in words is confusing so have a look at it in numbers.

1. The baby's name is john. As shown on the chart-J is 1, 0 is 6, h is 8, and n is 5

2. 1+6+8+5 = 20......2 + 0= 2

3. If the name has a lot of letters than the numbers may add up to something quite high. Say the combinations adds up to 39. In this case you'll have to reduce the numbers and extra time to produce one digit.

4. 39 ....3 = 9 = 12...1 + 2 = 3 <- the numerology number.

Keep in mind that if the sum of the number combination adds up to a master number, you can not reduce them.



Now For the Name Value Calculation Method



The next technique in naming your child is similar to the Name Value Calculation Method, and comes under 2 names that are primarily the same.

1. This is sometimes called the Destiny Number which is Name Value Calculation Method-the 1st method above.

2. The Birth Date number which is fundamentally the Life Path Number.

As an example, if the baby had been born on November 23rd, 2019 the computation would be:
9 + (2+3) + (2+0+1+9) = 26 reduced to 2+6 = 8

The connection between the compatible Life Path and Destiny Numbers, which is referred to as the Bridge number, is to merely subtract the small number from the bigger one. In the case above.. 6-2 = 4
Because of this subtraction, it can never have an outcome that is nine or higher. Now you will be able to use this "bridge" result to see what personalities compare with this number.

The Chaldean System In Numerology

This last approach to name your child is about using the Compound Numbers Method. This strategy uses only compound numbers (2 or more digits), employing the age old Chaldean Numerology System. It's more complicated then the other methods as the letter values aren't in a organized order. It's rooted in ancient Babylon and is not easy to command.
It is associated with the Pythagorean System and you may need to search online for a synchronal chart. Start off with calculating your life path number but do not decrease the final outcome to single digits. This will become your compound number. If you decide to try this method, see if you can find the personalities that correspond.

The Theory Behind the Enigmatic Numerology

The cosmos in its structure of energy, has placed numbers in a systematic correlation with life since the dawn of time. The early symbols of mankind were based on the probabilities of numbers, as they gazed upon the universe above.

Now in the contemporary years, numbers can unlock all mysteries from unraveling criminal acts to the exploration of the distant stars. The relevance of all numbers in our lives is irrefutable to those with open minds. Humanity is now free to discover their attributes and relationships within the vast universe by learning the meanings of numbers.

As parents, using numerology to find the perfect name can give your child an advantage in life. He or she will have a harmonious existence within the universe. Researching to learn the meaning of baby numbers for your newborn is easier than ever before using numerology online.You and your child will be prepared for the glorious life you deserve

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