Numerology Birthday Meanings 1 through 9

Numerology Meanings

What Does Your Numerology Meanings Reveal in Relation to Your Birthday?


Birthday Numbers are also known as Gift Numbers


As a gift, your birthday number and its numerology meanings show you the capabilities and skills you epitomize and helps you to accomplish your life's aspirations.

Keep in mind that there isn't one number by itself that is going to dominate or have total control over the meaning of your life. The other core numbers are there to fill in the other aspects of the integrated tapestry of your life as a whole. Numerology is here to help you understand yourself in a more thorough and detailed manner.

There is a numerology birth date meaning for every day of the month. You can find numerology predictions by name and date of birth by following the information below. In fact it's one of the five most persuasive numbers and is an important core number. Check numerology by date of birth from Numbers 1-9 below


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Numerology 1 Personality


Your Inherent Skills
The numerology birth date meaning for the number 1 indicates that you are here to lead others. Your initiative and a energetic desire points to many accomplishments in life. You don't particularly enjoy partnering up with others on projects due to your self-reliant ways, in fact it just plane frustrates you. You're not going to shy away from taking risks in your daily tasks and others think of you as being adventurous. You have a sharp intellect that includes creativity. Your business acumen and hunches are superior to most others and make you a great candidate for running large businesses and organizations. Though you are not fond of Knowledge and transparent information, you do know how to handle them in your own unique way.
You have a knack for persuading others in the work force with your advanced perception. Be aware that in your ages from 25 to 56 your will be inspected by those in power as to your abilities, but you most simply hold the line and you'll be fine.
Your resourcefulness through the years will help you with economic benefits as well as your personal family matters.

Obstacles and Problems You May Have

Though you are well thought of by other associates you can also be headstrong to a fault and just plan ornery at times. Don't get caught up with apathy and procrastinating in your affairs due to your moments of animosity and dissatisfaction that life can bring you.


Numerology Birth Date 2nd Day of the Month


Numerology 2 Personality

Your Inherent Expertise

As a Numerology number based on date of birth 2nd day of the month, you are known for the conscientious, receptive, and intuitive way about you. This makes you diplomatic and an environmentally influenced person.
As a rather sensitive person you become passionate and susceptible to being emotionally harmed. But still, you love elegance and any attention that may come your way.
Your strengths in relationships make you acutely aware of what other people are thinking and what they care about. This affords you great wisdom in making the peace between people who are at odds with each other. You may also have artistic talents in music and other arts.
Others will see you as a caring and sympathetic person and you expect the same from them especially friends and family. Those of you that are female gender will crave hugs and snuggles. Mostly you want to be protected to feel safe in your life.
You are one that does prefer to work in groups and partnerships. In these organizations you want to be in charge behind the curtain rather than alone at the podium. You're humble and amiable and your instincts tell you what others may want before they even communicate it to you.
You are "the straw that stirs the drink" so-to-speak when it comes to organizing projects. You may not always get the credit but that's not what you strive for the most, it's being the crucial pin that keeps the project together.

Your Possible Downfalls
Careful that you don't let your spirit down too easily and lose your morale. You need to stay balanced and avoid stress.



Birth Date 3 Numerology


Your Unique Skills

You can be a very special and gifted artistic individual in vocations such as performing arts and/or author of fiction. You should at least consider these as a hobby if not a profession.
With your visionary repartee you have the gift of rare chatter among friends. Your eagerness inspires others and makes you appealing. This can make you a powerful salesman and businessperson. You are considered to be very affable, approachable and cordial. Also, a person who possesses magnetism.
Your personality helps you to succeed in the home such as what you wear and choreography of decor in your house. This means your flower arranging and garden design as well.

Possible Challenges You Face

You can be down in the dumps at times and impulsive with your ups and down behaviors. Just be sure to avoid frivolous matters and keep your priorities in balance.


Numerology Birth Date 4th Day of the Month


Numerology 4 Personality


Your strengths


As a Numerology birth date on 4th day of the month you are diligent and a hard working  person.
Precision is your motto for most everything you take on. You make yourself accountable for any decisions you make. You are an honest person, trust-worthy and one who takes responsibility for what you do.
You're a proud person but not cocky or bossy with associates or family. You have empathy towards others and have complete love of family and friends. In situations of difficulty you press on and endure what ever it takes to resolve the issue. You are not overly sensitive when confronted which makes you a good significant-other in relationships. In fact, you minimize your feelings constantly.
In business and career matters, as well as family, you consistently stay fixated and attentive to the important things of life. You are a balance person in a rational way and avoid any abstract type of suggestions to solve problems. Because of this trait following any get-rich-quick game plans are out of the question. You mush prefer
Yours is the slow, gradual path that avoids unnecessary risks. You are a natural coordinator and administrator and associates are likely to count on you and your decisions.

Your Possible Downfalls

One of your flaws is being adamant and hard lined about some issues that come up. Your inclination is to hold things down and wait awhile before moving forward. You must try to be willing to adjust in these situations otherwise you are limiting your creative side. Since you tend to not be an emotional person you often encounter dissatisfaction and feel repressed. This can cause you to blunder in your efforts to get difficult tasks finished so avoid over-working or you'll miss some of the finer things in life.


Numerology Birth Date 5th Day of the Month


Numerology 5 Personality


Your Strengths

You are an individual that enjoys travel and adventure because of your love for change. Inquisitiveness and curiosity are your mantra and this is the catylist that keeps you in travel mode with an appetite for exotic ventures and people to meet.
You're very flexible and you crave exciting situations. You are easy going which helps you to relate well with others. It's very clear that you have an expertise for promotion and are articulate with words. You can be good with public relations and even authoring books or journalism if you so desired.
Your communication with others make you a candidate for sales associate or even promoting merchandise. You are carefree by nature although it can lead you to be a bit irresponsible at times.
Your systematical nature may cause you to be overly self-confident at times but your advanced creativity is there to help you get through the work solutions.

Your Problematic Issues

You may get restless and too spontaneous at times which can lead to overeating and alcoholism. Avoid this by protecting your health from these exorbitance thoughts and try to stay balanced.

Numerology Birth Date 6th Day of the Month

Numerology Number 6 Personality


Your strengths

You are a family-first person with a knack for settling conflicts between individuals in a way that finds the middle ground that satisfies each side. You've learned how to balance the foundation that contrarians want harmony between each other. Helping others in the realms of finances, emotions, workplace and play are also a strength of yours.
You also know your limits in life. Your artistic skills are a recognition of beautiful things and craftsmanship. You are always responsible when it comes to paying debts.
Your core is based on relationships and seeking to help those in need. You could be a mender of ill health to others with alternative medicine, nutritionist, or a therapist in massage or acupuncture.

Your Possible Downfalls

You are one that craves attention and needs to be appreciated. You don't take criticism very well while taking flattery too seriously. Sometimes in your support of others you leave yourself vulnerable. Your Passionate extremes when you get emotional can create blocks between you and others you care for. You need to work on your healing skills and develop them in a way that keeps you balanced.


Numerology Birth Date 7th Day of the Month


Birth Date 7 Numerology


Your Talents

Your acute mentality helps you to precisely interpret the world around you. You have a philosophic and spiritual mind that helps you specialize your aspirations in a unique way. You're detailed in your observations and analytical in how you handle friends. You are not comfortable with affection which you think of as childish and erratic.
Yet you are intuitive which helps you to find stable ground to stand on in your life. Spiritual activity and meditation serves you well. Avoid taken anything for granted or risky ventures. Careless moves can really have a backlash in your life to be careful. Your life is more balanced when you set your own pace and work solo. Since you are technological and mathematical you tend to finish projects that you've started.


Possible Challenges You Face

You are a bit of a loner when it comes to sharing feelings with others so be careful not to become too detached from society. You are known to be cocky at times so lighten up once and a while. Nobody wants to be around someone who is heartless and pessimistic all the time. This sort of behavior can lead to depression and feelings of distance from those you love.


Numerology Birth Date 8th Day of the Month


Numerology 8 Personality


Your Positives


You have a rare and unique grasp of business acumen. Your understanding of the value of money is good yet you aren't afraid of taking an intelligent risk when needed. You have clear awareness and want to use it or you become sour and authoritarian with others. Your preference is to work alone, and you don't like to split the power with anyone.
You are a master at efficiency and are not afraid of big projects. You desire upper positions in the company and gladly take on the competition if necessary. A commanding position is where you belong where you can organize others under your vision and decisions. You are confident in yourself while rational and determined to get any job done.
You're enthusiastic and enjoy the demands. You love to show others your success with fancy cars and houses you've bought. At the same time, you are proud of your possessions and family.


Your Negatives

Though your characteristics are impressive you slip into arrogance and overbearing behavior sometimes. You are not good at showing you feelings and need to develop perseverance to stay in your high position at work.


Numerology Birth Date 9 Day of the Month


Numerology 9 Meaning


Your Positives


You are free-thinking, optimistic and warmhearted. Your creativity has led you to an impressive level of academics. Number 9 is known for its many superb artists though they take a while to choose their profession. Your down-to-earth and humane efforts can lead you to an increase role in society. Your goal is to create an atmosphere that benefits others while you build your own service to society.
Since you are socially acclimatized others see you as having great appeal. You have admiration from your associates and can relate to all types of people. Your grasp of the ongoing politics, social changes, and deep perception of the world is impressive.
You love philosophical and metaphysical groups. You also get a little dramatic at times because you don't hold back on your feelings.


Your Negatives


Your number 9 often leads you to think you have to be forgiving and give up unconditional love at your own demise. You must avoid this fork on the road and steer away from situations that look like injustice that need more analysis. This isn't your burden to carry so let other authorities flesh it out. Use your instincts and let your life path guide you to the benefits you have coming.

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