Numerology Life Path Number


numerology life path number


Life Path Numbers 1 Through 9


The definition of a person's numerology life path number is associated with the date you were born. Sometimes the Life Path Number is confused with other core numbers such as the Expression Number. Life Path is the most important of the 5 core numbers, though the others have profound influences on your life as well. For clarification be sure to look at our Core Numbers Page.

According to specialists (known as a Numerologists), the life path number is the most significant number in your numerology chart. It outlines opportunities along with difficulties that play out during your life cycle. You determine your Numerology Life Path by the numbers in the date of your birth.

Don't confuse the Numerology Birth Date number with your "Birth Day" Number. The number meanings of your "Birth Day" play an influential part on your overall life traits, but not as much as the Life Path Number does. The birth day numbers run from 1 to 31 while Life Path Numbers range from 1 to 9. In addition to that, the three Master Numbers, 11,22, and 33, are included in the calculations that determine your main Numerology Life Path Number.

The Meanings of each Life Path Number

Numerology Life Path Number
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This number indicates you have leadership in your blood. You have a strong ego, are very self-reliant, and determined to achieve greatness. We find that military commanders, politicians female and male alike, along with business CEO's, are often a Life Path Number one.
As a leader you are excellent at getting things started and organized. It's your enthusiasm that draws others into following you. Your strength is more than just physical, it is also a part of your inner determination and conviction.

Many life path number one's are innovative and creative.
It's their individualistic demeanor that drives them to high levels in their business. Sometimes forcefulness is the only way they can see to get it done and they just hate overly routine projects.

Often-times a promoter of himself ( or herself), the number one can get overly assertive with others. Since they don't want to follow anyone else, problems may arise building ties and relationships with superiors.
They also have a hard time handling criticism.



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This number indicates that you are a spiritual person that cares a great deal about humanity and our issues. You are a negotiator that persuades people to try and look at the perspective of those that have opposite opinions. Avoiding forcefulness is your diplomatic strength. Others see you as a progressive, and spontaneous visionary who contemplates the mystical aspects of life.

You have clear and positive characteristics. With your higher outlook of the worlds possibilities, your are seen as Trustworthy. This makes you a credible intermediary in settling conflicts. As a trusted team player you will be in charge of keeping activities in control and harmony. You are not the type to ask for approval or acceptance for all your accomplishments.

As a business person you would evaluate and figure out the best compromise available over difficult decisions that need to be made. You are an individual that makes demands on your own performances, such as being meticulous and accurate with all you do.

Something to watch out for is your nature of apprehensiveness and buzzing energy. You could wind up in an impassioned rage over misunderstandings during one of your overly energized moments. At times you may be hesitant and self-doubting trying to make decisions regarding your own life challenges. There can even be times you feel you're falling short in your accomplishments. In these situations it is best to separate yourself from competitive surroundings. Stop expecting too much of yourself.


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The life path number 3 means that you are good at communicating with people and are very creative. Most of your skills are as a writer, giving speeches, and even performance in theater. This coincides with the imaginative expression talents you were born with as an animate person. A pure Life Path 3 can be downright exhilarating as an entertainer or some sort of public figure.

A Number 3 tends to live a very full life, but the downside of this is often a lack of financial prowess. You spend money when you get it rather than saving any for investments.

You are friendly and love to connect with others in an on going conversation. Your personality is consistently bright, pleasant and always welcoming others.

Things to watch out for is being overly sensitive when someone bruises your feelings. When this happens you tend to shrink away into your corner, however you are good at bouncing back. Your sensitivity helps you to be understanding and empathetic towards the feelings of others.

Be careful not to let your free-spirit life transition into being petty and trivial. Don't ignore your talents and wind up with a lack of purpose.


Personality Number

Number 4 talents include a knack for building, repairing, planning, and making things work. People feel they can trust you because of the natural and organic nature about you. Your talents in construction extend to building social structures as well. You can achieve a great deal of success in societal prestige because of your optimistic and visionary nature.

You are capable of the commitment and persistence it takes to start a big project and see it through to the end when others would give up. For a life path 4 this can be in the context of a subordinate position, or a leader of the community.

You get through tasks that exhausts others by being just plain stubborn. Your goal focuses on getting things done for the betterment of all. This makes you a valued supervisor or manager.

Organization accomplishments come from the planning skills you were born with. You have a deep-seated capability for efficiency and good sense that helps you to achieve perfection. You plan your life in an orderly way that includes managing concepts and objectives with perfection. It seems you work better when the stress of a project increases.

As a family person you are loyal and devout in your partnership. You tend to have fewer friends than others, but the ones you do have are very close for life.

People in your circle know that you are the most dependable friend they have. You will even go to the extreme of putting their problems in front of your own.

Negative issues are that the number 4 can be narrow minded to those he is unsure of. This leads him to get caught up in everyday issues and lose sight of the big picture possibilities that may come along.


     Life Path Number

Numerology Persona


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This Life Path infers that you entered this world to make it a better place to live in for all. You are free-thinking, adventuresome, adaptable and hell-bent on finding the answers to life's mysteries. Basically, you want changes and solutions to the problems that plague the world.

Number 5's may be the most humane and compassionate people for their ideals of freedom for all. Think of Lincoln ( a number 5) and what he did for a repressed group of people.

You are exceptional at communicating and motivating others. Your communication talents along with motivation make you a great sales person if that's you're interest.

Routine bores you and weakens your ability to complete projects on time. A job that schedules superfluous and inessential tasks would drive you crazy. You need something more stimulating and intriguing to take on.

Adventure is needed in your life be it physical or cerebral. Either way, travel is inspiring to you and you are not afraid of taking risks.

As far as romantic partnerships go, you aren't fond of a relationship that ties you down, that would feel too controlling. This doesn't mean you prefer to be playing the field all your life. You just want a partner that understands your need for independence and trust. People that are always insistent and serious put you off.

Conditions you should avoid: due to your many talents you may get caught up in indecision and lack of guidance. This can result in bouncing around from job to job and achieving nothing at all. Too much adventure and pleasure seeking can lead to being disregardful to the emotions of others.


Personality Number 6

You are a family-life oriented individual whether you are male or female. You're a watchtower of moral fairness and respectability for all. You'll take on the responsibility of the the role as gate keeper, be it in your home, or as a manager in the work place. Predominantly your responsibilities are in domestic matters in your immediate household.

You have an overwhelming urge to be needed and useful in order to feel good about yourself. You're compassionate and humane in helping others, and a staunch conservative that puts family first at all times.

In your mind, a person needs to walk the walk in order to be followed by others. This puts you in the position of an authority although you don't promote yourself about it.

With your significant other, you are committed and dutiful. You tend to match up with someone who is not as stalwart as you are, though not necessarily weaker. A relationship that consistently has challenges to overcome is not for you. You are equally trusted and true to your friends.

Foresight, good judgment, and considerate are the foundation of your belief's. The capability to learn such wisdom, and be perceptive about problems of others, often begins early in the life of a number 6.

You may run into problems and become overpowered by the responsibilities to family and friends. This can result in you becoming too demanding of yourself. This may lead to you be sanctimoniousness and lacking restraint in the expression of feelings. Be very aware of this possibility so you can be prepared if it shows up in your life.



Numerology Personality 7

The meanings of Number 7 indicate a life path of a person talented in analysis, reasoning, examination and sharp observation. Evaluation comes easy for you. Your are detailed in your work and as a nit-picker, you expect the same from your associates.

An amicable and compassionate individual, you still watch for betrayal from others and can pick out disingenuous people rather quickly. However when you've evaluated someone to be trustworthy, you've met a friend for life. Never the less, you put up a wall around you that can not be infiltrated by phonies.

There is an air of exclusionary around you because you don't seem to be very social. Though you are thought of to be aloof, it's really just a veil around your self-doubt. It just takes longer for you to be comfortable with new friends. This is why you are not interested in joining groups.

You don't like to be in crowds and prefer quite environments. You love to amass and analyze knowledge in science, intellect, nature etc., and break down the subject until you can make it your own opinion.

Spiritual wisdom provides you with more knowledge to dissect and hold close to your belief system. This is why you won't necessarily accept the advice of others, and your ideas usually turn out true.

Pessimism is a fault of yours and often causes quarrels. You are resistant to share you thoughts. Sometimes a Number 7 can be inconsiderate to others because of such a pessimistic attitude. Actually many Number sevens wind up living solo.

Having pointed the possible negatives of the seven's, most of them understand these downfalls and avoid letting them selves slip into that type of life


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Personality Number 8


The Number 8 path is similar to the number one in that leadership is in your blood. This type of authority influence is more in the realm of financial gain, rather than an institutional vocation like the number 1 military commander we mentioned earlier.

You set goals to achieve your results. Your ambitions help to develop your organizational skills and determination to finish challenges that come your way. As a hard worker you can achieve high levels of executive positions in business.

Spotting and recruiting associates with impressive qualifications come easy for you. Even though you are a bit of a workaholic, you delegate your associates in project management as you lead the way. Being practical in your quest to meet objectives in a timely matter is your strong point.

The material world is your preferred environment. The life path number 8 meaning includes a lust for manipulating financial numbers in your favor. You have the courage to take a risk at times if necessary. Your passion for high status matches the need you feel about being recognized. Getting into the club of leadership is a consistent goal of yours.

As a partner in a relationship you are not particularly romantic in your approach. Your advance would be unwavering, honest, and blunt. You are devoted but outwardly affectionate. Keeping a loving relationship is more of a project than instinctive for you.

You tend to be resistant to showing enthusiasm to others and can even be autocratic at times. Since showing feelings to those close to you is difficult, your focus on professional recognition can seem neglecting to family members.



Numerology 9


The number 9 holds an exalted place in numerology as the highest single-digit number. As a Life Path Number 9 you may be a very dramatic individual of unselfishness and compassion. Others know you for your humane personality and kind consideration. You are very dependable, conscientious and highly unlikely to be biased or a bigot. You hold great empathy for those are unfortunate in life and do all you can to help these individuals.

Materialism is not an interest in this life although you may reap rewards in the gratitude from others. As a free spirit you have no interest in financial prosperity and are very generous in your donations.

Many number nines have a charismatic presence due to their reputation as a giving person. Because of your appealing traits it's easy to make good friends. Your characteristics of congeniality, kindness and being affable, make you a good prospect for just about any vocation you have an interest in.

In spite of all these accolades you may have problems establishing a close relationship if your partner is interested in materialist ways. You need the equally sharing person that you are, and that might take awhile to find.

Your interests lie in the arts and literature. If you don't become an actor, you will surely have the talent to participate in the theater in some way or another. Even poetry, novels, painting and other forms of art will be available to you.

Other possibilities in your life would be in education, a spiritual healer, or philosophy.

On the negative side, a life path number 9 can fall victim to the demands and sacrifice of being a humanitarian. This could result in getting tangled up in his or hers beliefs to the point of self-doubt