Numerology Master Numbers and Meanings


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Master Numbers-The Power Number Numerology



These 3 power number numerology, or Master Numbers, can have extremely important meanings in your Numerology Chart depending on a few circumstances. On the one hand they can hint at bad news, while on the other they can bring joyful expectations.

Time after time these numbers' interpretations are misunderstood. In some cases 11, 22,and 33 should be regarded as "Master Numbers". But in other situations they should simply be reduced to their 2, 4 or 6 single-digit alterations. 

These numbers can have an impact on your personality depending on how you handle any obstacles thrown your way in life. With maturity and composure try your best to master these Master Numbers. If you do, they can be the most influential and beneficial numbers in your numerology chart.


Master Number 11


This power number numerology embody's intuition and is the number that best represents clairvoyance. It is your link to inner and deep-rooted feelings while disregarding any rational influence.The derivative of 11 is 2 (1+1=2), and as a master number, 11 retains the good qualities of number 2. These attributes of charisma and inspiration offset the negative aspects of number 11-apprehension, timidity and stressed energy.

Number 11 is one off faith and the subconscious of psychics and visionaries. If it's in your numerology chart, use it to manifest personal success and spirituality. Remember your instinctive talents, and use them to gain personal growth and balance.

In Essence, the Master Number 11 represents vision.

Numerology Master Number 11 is extremely conflicted while at the same time a vital catalyst. This contradiction in values make it a dichotomy number.

The pitfall of a number 11 is that it has to concentrate on a solid goal. This means if your numerology chart contains a number 11 you had better be connected to specific projects or you are likely to have anxiety and fear. Number 11 can give you powerful capabilities but if used incorrectly can be self-defeating.


Master Number 22


Master Number 22 is referred to by Numerologists as the "Master Builder". this is because it is regarded as the Number that holds more power than any other. It has the attributes of an achiever, great capabilities , and just plain down to earth. There are great possibilities for those with the Master Number 22 in their Numerology chart.

If this is you, mathematics favor an association with the scientific and grounded approach to life. These are the attributes of number 4, and the 22 breakdown is 2+2=4. The number 22 meaning indicates ambition and discipline, so that sums things up to very potent talent possibilities.

Master number 22 brings about a bombastic thinker with a strong belief in him/herself, and impressive leadership skills. Sadly, not all 22's are practical and fail to live up to their promising potential.

In Summary, the Master Number 22 combines vision with action.

Negative possibilities for the 11 and 22 numbers are backing away from favorable opportunities and putting tension and stress upon themselves. To avoid these downfalls stand back, take a long breath, and realize just how lucky you are to have the strengths you were born with.


Master Number 33


Numerologists give Master Number 33 the nickname "Master Teacher" due to their powerful persona and influence they have on people. 33 is the most influential of all numbers since it combines attributes of 11 and 22 that when summed equal 33.

A 33 in your Numerology Chart indicates your sincere devotion, and intentions for the spiritual advancement of mankind. A number 33 would jump into a project that focuses on humanitarian issues. This number is also considered quite knowledgeable and is big on confirming such truths before publishing.
To sum it up, the Master Number 33 offers guidance to the world.

The power of number 33 is only manifested when found in one of the 5 core numbers. In cases where a core isn't present, Numerology reading specialists consider the 33 to an ordinary number 6 (3+3=6), thus weakening its power.