Numerology Number Meanings 1-9

Numerology Numbers 1-9

The Science Behind Numerology 1 through 9 Numbers

by Jonathan Pepperwood

The wisdom and science of Numerology comes into play with the creation of single digit numbers one through nine. These are the foundation under everything about Numerology meanings, predictions, invocations, and calculations. Each number represents its very own strong points, flaws, and oddities. Get to know the meanings of these numbers and you have the keys to how they affect us.

Numerology 1 Meanings    

The Numerology numbers are much more that just positive and negative traits we all have. In order to make these meanings come alive we need to understand the connections between groups of numbers.

The special trait of number 1 can be realized in its nickname, The Primal Force. Sounds a bit like Rambo and that would be a good image to start with-the number 1 is predominately masculine. Not necessarily the manly side, but a spiritual type of symbolism.

Number one's will not let anybody get in the way of their motivations, be they desired goals or directions. This person is flat out a man of action always at the forefront and leading the pack. There is much pride and intention in the effort of turning goals into realities.

Number 1 Is Most Happy When Working On Favorite Projects

The life of a number one is not complicated and tends to stick with black and white opinions when making decisions. This helps to guide one through issues of right and wrong, while eliminating the waste of time that comes with abstract views. There isn't going to be philosophy, preaching, or idealistic decision-making and choices here. In fact the number one, while pushing its values down your throat, doesn't want to here about yours.

Number one won't back down to confrontations and uses it as a way to hold on to its sense of justice and obligations. He won't watch disservice and immorality without confronting the intruder to straighten him or her out.

It's always an endlessness march to honor and purpose for the number one but if you are to prove him your integrity, you've made a friend for life. In spite of the one-sided views, the number 1 can show a substantial capacity for humor even if it's a roast on him.

As far as romance goes, the number one just might be the most difficult of all the 9 numbers. This person will show
jealousy and demands until you're ready to light him on fire, but at the same time, you will have to love the loyalty given you.

Numerology 2 Meanings

Just as number 1 is regarded as the most masculine of the 9 numbers, number 2 is seen as the most feminine. I will refer to this number as her or she, although it isn't always the case. Her nickname is "the all-knowing", because of her ability to take on all problems and come up with solutions that others would have missed.

She does this in a way that number 1 would never think of, and would fall apart if he tried. Her strength is in diplomacy, flexibility, discretion, and resilience. Avoids confrontation and does it with sensitivity, something that would make number one puke at the thought.

Her tactics leave her weak and powerless in the eyes of others. She is greatly underestimated because of her peaceful approach, and often stands behind the men that take all the credit. But she knows that her accomplishments will eventually be noticed, and is satisfied for the time being playing the part of modesty and humbleness.

When Pressure Mounts for Number 2

Number 2 will face stressful situations by bending at first, but only as much as she feels is needed. At that point her resilient nature takes over as the survivor she is, and number 2 begins the process of outwitting the opponent with persuasion and cunning flattery.

Another strength of number 2 is her grasp of the psychology of humane nature, and just how people click. She will control the meeting without the adversary even realizing it, and once again, the credit will go elsewhere. But others still admire her patience, elegance, and the finesse she used to get things done.

Number 2's have an innate sensitivity of the arts, music and rhythm in particular. Easygoing conversation and humor are a talent of number 2. Their intuition is surpassed only by number 11's. This is a talent of observational powers that enables them to perceive peoples motives better than they can themselves.

In the ways of romance, the number 2 is a loyal mate, but can be very demanding. In fact, jealousy and mean spirited will emerge if her partner has even an innocent conversation with the opposite sex. However, he will ultimately consider her worth the occasional out breaks due to her unwavering devotion.

Numerology 3 Meanings

The number 3 seems to be forever needing guidance and control. Much like a juvenile, they seem to never grow into an adult. But it is these traits that bring out their most coveted talent, a powerful hold on creativity. These individuals are a never ending think tank of ideas, ingenuity, and a persona of an extrovert to boot. That's why the number 3 nickname is The Creative Child.

Number 3 will be drawn towards a vocation in the arts. They also tend to be social animals with charisma, humor with a down right sagacity personality. This number has many followers because of his/hers innate appeal, even though the 3 has poor concentration and responsibility. This lack of resolution can lead friends and family to think an intervention may be needed to right the ship. In the end, most of these supporters will forgive and forget number three's negative tendencies.

The number 3 will not be able to get away with its shallow superficial side. This comes to the surface when number 3 is spending too much time on the effortless things that come his/her way. This leaves number 3 appearing to lack in morals and spiritual depth to others.

The Discipline Needed By Number 3

Clearly the number 3 individuals need to practice self control and discipline. Too often they wind up in lucky outcomes, feeling that life will always be that easy. It's true they seem to be connected to repeating cycles of the cosmos, but they need to understand there are times it doesn't come out positive.

An example of the above is the number 3 relationships. Loyalty and long term obligation is not in their vocabulary. When the relationship starts getting heavy, number 3 gets light and hits the road (so to speak). Number 3 even gets jealous when the soul they've dumped winds up with someone of true quality. Number 3 has taken love life for granted through the years and has developed insecurity along the way.

Having to deal with a devastation like this, number 3's will start feeling sorry for themselves. This can turn out to be a good thing though. If he/she realizes the benefit of joining the real world of relationships, a glowing turn around emerges that's followed by understanding and wisdom.

The example of number 3 demonstrates how nobody in this world is portrayed by just one number alone. The happy go lucky life of a 3 can easily go from upbeat and playful, to the reality of a demanding life without any preparation. The pleasure and bliss the number 3 achieves so easily has consequence down the road. This is why it's so important for a 3 to recognize how much more value there is in being human and experiencing fellow humanity, then it is collecting possessions.

Numerology 4 Meanings

Number 4 is considered a probable masculine person with its image of balance and resilience. This number is foremost known for its reliability and productiveness. Also known for its compliance, number 4 is maybe a bit boring as seen to others. Number 4's are usually good with their hands and do well with craftsmanship and skilled trades.

The goals of number 4 are strictly the bottom line in financials, and not having attention drawn to him/her unless it's public acknowledgement. A steady worker and consistent in all that gets done, number 4 is pretty much an average person in looks, health, and clothing worn. For this the number 4'w nickname is "The salt of the earth"

The number 4 works behind the scenes but does so with total control, and will not let anyone else barge in on the project being worked on. He keeps track of all details and has an above average memory. As you might guess, number 4 isn't much for social settings.

Not Much Intuition or Creativity

This number has short sightedness without much of an imagination. This can transition to an overtly conventional outlook without any questioning of authority, such as religious doctrine, and simply echoing opinions of peers. This is the predictable side of number 4 where firm discipline takes over rationality. Many number 4's wind up in positions of priest work and other religious authorities.

Number 4's are also seen in numerology charts as potential government workers and other business jobs. The number 4 won't climb very far up the latter though because of lacking social abilities and interactions with other coworkers.

Unfortunately the number 4 is sometimes a bit of a bigot when it comes to intercultural engagement because of its insecurity with others. A great deal of 4's choose the military as a home since it requires the obedience that make them feel safe.

In family and partner relations, number 4 requires discipline and devotion, and sometimes to the extremes. This number is a virtuous provider but is not particularly compassionate. But the 4 can occasionally surprise friends with an out of character dry sense of humor

Numerology Number 5 Meanings

Finally a number that is equally a mix of feminine and masculine traits, number 5's are the most vigorous and spirited of the Numerology 1 through 9. An adventurer and stand-alone individual, number 5 has earned its nickname "A dynamic force".

The number 5 doesn't get too tied to any particular job type and bounces from one to the other to stay free of getting pinned down. It is after going through this period for several years that he/she will consider a firm career. Getting into a routine is out of the question, 5 doesn't stand for repetitious and predictable work.

The 5 will usually wait until the early 30's before finding a niche that gives him/her inspiration to get fully involved. At that point it is amazing how fast the number 5 scampers up the latter using its vitality and quick-minded energy. Often the profession involves travel or some kind of change in surroundings. Many 5's lean towards founding a small business, tour guiding,, and independent lawyers.

Relationships and Partners

Even though not the type to stay in one location, job, or even a relationship, the number 5 is remarkably faithful when it comes to its significant other. Number 5 will not cheat, it will call off the association, but will not have an affair during the partnership.

Number 5's often have charm and good looks that back up their vocation. Eccentric and comedic people are what gets her going. As a tolerant and forward-thinking person number 5 is bored with anything conventional and standard. Even though many are fond of her/him, those who are critical and sanctimonious are polarized by the 5's inflexible call for freedom.

Number 5 will also tend to be dogmatic and fervent regarding political concerns, an yet will not get pulled in to any particular party affiliation

One of the number 5 flaws is in changing ones mind frequently. 5 tends to unknowingly transmit its heart to all, and winds up burned by picking the wrong person. At times number 5 is self-absorbed and reckless with others and has no sense of planning anything towards the future. This procrastination can lead to experimentation with sex, drug use and similar desires that can be dangerous in the long haul.

Numerology Number 6 Meanings


The Number 6 most dominant traits are its affectionate warm love and caring for others. Usually a feminine person, the 6 is the one in the family that sacrifices, protects, and heals her close ones. Her nickname is fittingly "The caretaker" as she goes about trying to keep everyone safe.

Number 6's are deemed to be the most harmonious of the 9 Numerology numbers, and even in harmony with each of the other numbers. Her day is filled with compassion for others, in particular those that are victims of injustice. 6 will devote all of its time to set the record straight for those she feels are destitute and helpless. Her sense of obligation to those less fortunate then she is, keeps her energy going until the issue is solved.

The number 6 thinks of herself as a guide and teacher, particularly for the elderly and the youth. She tries to be the the visionary for those around her to counsel and advise when needed.

The 6 moves about graciously with an aura of responsibility and duty, and is even jolly and funny at times. The usual occupations that the 6 is drawn too would be education, therapeutic, counselor, field of law, implementation of the law--in particular a prison guard.

The Number 6 Shortcomings

Number 6 is not free of flaws by any means. Her involvement can get to the extreme, and appear
too meddlesome and interfering to others. She can also go too far with her nature in taking care of everyone, and wind up getting taken of advantage.

6 can also get extremely resentful and narrow-minded concentrating over small details and disregarding the big picture at hand. Her judge of character can be out of wack wasting time trying to save an individual that everyone knows is not savable.

Number 6 has been know to be haughty and arrogant with the powers that be when they question her opinions. She can also go over the top when flooding others with her religious beliefs. In spite of her caring and sympathetic sunny side, she can turn selfish and conceited when not getting the attention she covets.

Overall though, the number 6 is sincerely commended and
cherished for the efforts. Those near her realize her intentions are always to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Numerology Number 7 Meaning

Number 7 is the one who doesn't take anything as literal meaning. This number is nicknamed "The seeker" for its purpose in life as a thinker and searcher of truth. Always trying to find the concealed realities, number 7 senses that nothing is as it may seem.

A born introspect, the 7 seems withdrawn and uncomfortable in social gatherings, but isn't shy like someone with low self-esteem. On the contrary, the 7 is a cerebral that explores the obscure and hidden things in life. This is a person that welcomes abstract ideas and metaphysical concepts to challenge questions with no obvious answers.

Number 7 is spiritual but not in a religious way.To know the essentials of life experiences has top priority and will remain so for rest of 7's life. The opinionated chatter makes 7 appear to be a know-it-all and irritates others. The 7 also can make people uncomfortable with its penetrating glare that seems to be analyzing them.

Number 7 Enjoys the Arts as Well as the Sciences

7 can't stand social chatter that just seems meaningless, but with this standoffish attitude it is alienating them and building a bad reputation. 7 Also abhors the glitzy fashion world along with its "beautiful people" that look skin deep to him/her.

Number 7's will usually be drawn to careers in a university community and scientific discipline, or the law as detectives and laboratory researchers. Basically something along the line of rationality and analysis of facts is where the 7's can be found.

The number 7 is alone wolf without much taste in the clothes he wears. At a science convention he can be charming enough to have a beautiful date with him, and won't back down on a debate with other males regarding technical academia.

Flaws of the number 7 are related with the its cynical side, the verbal abuse, and being boastful while not caring about the hurt and anguish put on those listening. The lack of compassion and sympathy can get out of hand and yet the 7 doesn't care even though he (or she) would expect others to have empathy towards his problems. The thoughtlessness and insensitivity towards others can be a monstrous anti-social flaw for the number 7's.

The number 7's brighter side is the instrument that is their mind. It is pliant, receptive, hungry for knowledge and privy to places none of the other numbers enjoy. Yet he (or she) constrains it to the logical and prudent side without letting in the very essence of life and spiritual wisdom that needs to accompany the 7's talents.

Numerology Number 8 Meanings

The true meanings of the number 8 have been distorted more than any of the other numerology numbers due to the misunderstanding of its money and power traits. The first thing beginners think when their chart shows number 8 is the wealth and authority will come their way.

It is true that the number 8 brings forth attributes of profession, financial situations, enterprise, and power moreso then the other numbers. But the emphasis of its meaning is about balance, the counterweight as an equalizer that can produce as well as tear down. This is why its nickname is "Balance and power". Which ever destiny you are given you will surely have earned it.

Keeping Your Number 8 Balanced

With number 8, material things as well as the immaterial will be balanced. The mystical side of 8 is pragmatic, realistic and wise. From its materialistic point of view, there is emphasis on outcome usually in the form of money but not in a greedy way. Money is seen as an instrument, a device, not a final result. There is generosity and risk taking. Number 8's may lose wealth and win them back, but never feel pity and see it as a learning experience.

Other aspects of a number 8 are aspiration, power, capability, structure, and command. They use common sense, are ambitious, can distinguish between quality and inferior. The 8 is similar to number 1 with its power and leadership abilities, but unlike the 1 number, 8 has diplomatic capabilities. This is why the 8 is successful in business and authority positions.

A high percentage of number 8's make their way into the upper ranks of the community, and yet an excessive number of them are living in the streets. How can this anomaly exist? Since the power and wealth attributes of the number 8 are so appealing, in order to benefit from success and prosperity, many people influence their charts to add a few eights to it. What they aren't taking into account is that the number 8 needs the assistance and influence of other numbers for a balanced outcome. In other words, if you change your name to stimulate the outcome, you may be very disappointed with the results. An example of this would be using the number 4 to sway crucial details that is not a number 8 strength. Look before you leap with these type of decisions, or you may wind up some very negative results.

Numerology Number 9 Meanings

The number 9 has a curious connection with math in a philosophic way that is uniquely different from the other numbers. With a nickname like "global awareness" it's no wonder this number stands out.
Consider this mathematical irregularity, if we multiply another number by 9, any number, the 2 digit outcome or "product" , when added together then reduced to one digit, is always the number 9.

Here's an example: Lets say we multiply 9 x 7. This equals 63. 6+3=9. How about 9 x 38. This equals 342. 3+4+2=9. Spooky! It's no coincident. None of the other 8 numbers can do this. It's a mathematical idiosyncrasy. It's the power of the 9, a Global Awareness!

From a Numerology point of view, it is symbolic to the center of this mystical gematria. 9 is the last of the numbers, and also the most complex and global of the single digit numbers.

Although the number 6 is about caring and being a loving figure, it does so on a family and friends level. Number 9 however does it all on a worldly plane. Coincidentally the 6 is an upside down 9. It is mathematical properties like these that make us realize the quality and power of the Numerology essence.

The number 9 has a grasp of the complexities and links between all of humanity. There is no distinction with the 9 between a next door neighbor, and a distant group of souls half way around the world living a much different culture. The number 9 is not a moralist or critic of others.

The Feminine In Number 9

As a person of caring and sympathy the 9 is probably primarily feminine. The women 9's are exquisite and charming to the point that others feel distant because she seems unapproachable. Though she is engaged with humanitarian activities, the common person sees her as standoffish and not interested in their issues. It's desire or despise her, but it's always honor her ways.

She will always get involved in issues of unfairness and grief but doesn't want the credit for it. Always can be a strong force when conditions develop but doesn't use demanding tactics like number 1. She will go about her plan of attack calmly and philosophically, with a sense of justice in the air.

In the ways of love a number 8 will not allow herself to be vulnerable in the relationship. She is hard to reach and exacting, but mostly she conceals her heart.

Number 9, like the other numbers, has a dark side. She can certainly be arrogant and patronizing from time to time. When she considers that she's the prey of an in-justness, she can be downright spiteful and relentless. Don't mess with this queen!