Reasons You Should Learn Numerology

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Learn Numerology -The Universal Language of Numbers.

The study of Numerology is an examination of numbers relative to your life and/or the world around you in general. Learning the meanings of numbers through Numerology, gives you a scientific look into your life attributes, possibilities, capabilities, and challenges now and in the future. Another way to look at Numerology is to realize the universe as a system, and seeing how the core elements are distilled into numbers, each one with it's own unique meaning.

Since Numerology equates to numbers that have unique meanings, people can use the information to uncover intuitive understanding of their purpose and personality characteristics. They can enrich their lives by understanding traits that unfold before them when diving into the life path, expression, and hearts desire numbers available in the Numerology universe.

The Extraordinary Individualists in Numbers

Learning Numerology reveals to us that each and every individual number digit is known to have its own character traits. These are a diversity of qualities identifiable and particular to that one number. Of course there are many numbers that share specific personal characteristics, but the singular number itself is of vast importance.

The complexity Of a Number

Here is an example, although number 9 and 8 are unselfish and compassionate with others-- both with kindhearted and sympathetic attributes -- they show themselves in distinctly different ways. The number 9 is a free spirit type that is not concerned with money as much as keeping adventure and freedom in his or hers life. The 9's feel very deeply for individuals not as blessed as they are themselves. Also the 9 holds an exalted status in terms of accountability to mankind.

On the other hand, the number 8 is not free spirited, but rather a leader who directs and organizes others and can be dictatorial at times. The 8 is a bit of a workaholic that is more focused on getting the job done right rather then easing up once and awhile. Contrary to having a lofty position in life like the 9, an 8 must strive constantly to have material gains and rewards they seek.

The Challenge of Understanding Numerology

To learn Numerology you will need to identify and comprehend the behaviors of a number within the context or position on the chart. In the same manner that we behave differently dependent on the circumstances, the same thing goes with numbers. As a matter of fact, numbers might express themselves in a positive way on one place on the numerology chart, then negatively somewhere else on the chart.

You may look to various book resources in hope to understand the language of numerology numbers. What you most likely will find is vague characteristics of number meanings. To really learn purposes and interpretations of these numbers you must dig deep to find the subtle differences. You can only be sure of your results by investigating the elusive traits that define a number.

How to Find The Meanings In Numbers

Digging up your personality information with Numerology can be complex. There are various basic calculations to make in the beginning and we will show you these here in However, we advise you to use a credited Numerologist that can give you accurate readings that require experience and know how when it comes to interpreting how these numbers work together.

In the science of numerology, the date of your birth, your given name, and several other factors, have influence on your life throughout. This provides a vast pool of possibilities that when interpreted properly, offers forecasts and insights about you. The theory behind numerology also states that there are no coincidences in the Cosmos. Your name and birth date alone can impact your life journey and the traits that define you.

What A Numerology Reading Includes

As mentioned before there are several calculations involved to thoroughly dig down to the heart of the number meanings. There are birth Date number calculations, life path calculations and more. Numerous layers of depth must be surveyed through multiple numbers and their combinations that carry varied meanings. In the end, you will wind up with a thorough report and chart that can be read from several viewpoints.

A qualified numerologist will give you a comprehensive reading using a blend of your Soul Urge Number, Birthday Number, Personality Number, Life Path Number, and your Expression number (also known as destiny number). The specialist will start with your given name and your birth date, and then explain the core elements of your plan and construct your personal chart.

Numerology Predictions

Lets summarize these core numbers now:

  1. Life Path Number- This number is considered to be the most important of all the core numbers. There are 9 life path numbers each with unique meanings. You will determine which number is yours by using a calculation. This important number reveals the life path you will take along with your personal attributes. more on life path numbers
  2. Your Expression Number-This number will also need a calculation to uncover traits you have. It will disclose your capabilities, personal objectives, and longings.
  3. Your Soul urge is in regard to your inner soul desires, fulfillment you may need inside, and getting down the real true you. It is often referred to as the Hearts desire number and can have a romantic meanings. 
  4. Personality Number- This number speaks to what you let others see about you, and what they see in you. This number meanings can reveal things about you that you never realized before. more on the personality number
  5. Your Birth Day Number- This number is strictly about the day you were born and the magical influence it has on your life. It talks of purpose, you talents, and potential. more on Birthday numbers

Now that you have been introduced to the core numbers, you can get acquainted to some of the others that can help you to drill down further.

A. What Are Numerology Master Numbers

These are powerful potent numbers that can be negative or positive dependent on the circumstances. These are numerology numbers 11, 22, and 33. Normally you'd use these to flesh out instances in a person's life numerically  when they're feeling something extraordinary is on the horizon. It may be that this person feels a need to do something remarkable and wants to know what it is. In any case, it can put one in a particularly stressed period whether it has good implications or not.

All three of the master numbers have a variety of captivating and potent influences. You can see by these descriptions that it's important to interpret these numbers properly. As I went over in Number Meanings, when interpretation by a reading specialist, birth date numbers that are found to be double-digit, are split apart and added together. If this addition adds up to be an 11, a 22, or a 33, it is not reduced. These are highly charged Master numbers and need to be evaluated by a Numerologist. Even a specialist requires time to integrate these numbers into someones personality. It's important to know that the person may not feel worthy of the capabilities presented to them. But there is still the likely hood he or she will expand their vision moving forward.

More on the individual Master number descriptions here.

B. Positive And Negative Numbers

In a numerology reading, the report you receive is not meant to butter you up about the positive wonderfulness of your future days ahead. Numerology isn't about scamming you into some unrealistic pleasantville future you can tell all your friends about.

These number interpretations there to take into account the positive and negative elements that need to be acknowledged. These numbers are each affected by many considerations. This involves your perspective and other numbers that are connected to your life views like business, career aspirations, your healthiness, and love life.

C. Love Compatibility

There are many factors involved in determining the compatibility of a couple. There are those that seem to have awesome chemistry… but what will happen over time?
Birth Date compatibility calculators can give you all the information you need to find out if your relationship is true.

Using the Birth Dates along with your life path numbers is the basis of the calculation. Doing this computation yourself is possible if you have a lot of time on your hands. However, we recommend you use an online numerologist. 

D. Personality Number

All of us have difficulty in portraying our own personality. We can't be objective about ourselves. In fact even our friends and family may have a hard time describing our personage. The personality number, one of the *five core numbers, helps you in understanding this aspect of your life.

Your personality number is a sort of portal to the understanding of your own personal individuality. At the same time it itemizes the attributes you transmit to others, and suggests how they see you in their first impression of you. In this way, you get a look through a mystic window that shows you how they regard you.

E. Sun Number

daily numerology

Sun Numbers are associated with the cycles of your personal year, months, and days. The sun numbers are deemed to be a fundamental level display of just who you are.

It is not one of the core numbers, but rather a broad point of view over your overall attributes. Instead of core numbers that bring forth numerous details regarding your personality attributes, the Sun Numbers step aside of all the chaos of constant change, and paint a broad brush that becomes an anchor. It's not extensive, but rather a small part of your numerology chart.

Imagine you're positioned in a small place in your numerology universe, and all other things a revolving around you. Your Personal Year Cycles are the back bone of your Personal Month cycles. In turn these feed your Day Cycles to complete the Sun Number Meanings.