The Importance of the Numerology Expression Number

The Numerology Expression Number


numerology expression number


The Expression Number is one of the 5 core numbers we went over before . It is also frequently referenced as the Destiny Number. Your expression number is predicated on all of the letters in your full name the moment you were born. This brings to light all of the capabilities, talents, flaws and weaknesses that you maintain in this current life of yours.

The reason your full name is so essential in determining the outcome of this important core number is reflected primarily by the time period leading up to the moment of your birth. What does this mean? Part of it is about the vibes that your parents get about this child still in the mothers womb. Their intuition is guided towards picking a name for you that matches your personality, the name you were intended to have.


How to Find Your Numerology Expression Number


Start with your given name at birth writing down the first, middle, and last name letters. Next, using our guide below, calculate by writing down numbers that correspond to the letters in the same column. For example if your first name is Jane, the the numbers will be 1, 1, 5, 5. Do the same with your middle and last names, With the first name add the number together and reduce it to a single digit. 1+1+5+5= 12…the 1+2=3…. So 3 is the reduced number for the first name Jane.



Do the same calculation for your middle and last names. Now you can add the 3 single digit numbers that correspond to each name, then add them together and reduce them to a single digit. Now you have revealed your Expression number!

There is one exception though (there always seems to be an exception right?). If any of your reductions wind up being a master number do not reduce them any more. Remember the master numbers from 11, 22, and 33.


Qualities of Expression Numbers 1 Through 33


Expression Number 1


The Number 1 expression is commonly known as a leader and defender of others, you will be in the company of those who are top business people, capitalists, stateswoman & statesman, generally a person of substance.

Things you will have to overcome.
You may have an inclination to be self-absorbed, This can lead to refusal of admitting your shortcomings and deficiencies in plans you make. Watch out that you may be overly critical of those near you. Stay aware of your inner self and avoid your misgivings before they happen.


Number 2


This number indicates a person that is friendly and receptive. You have an ingrained capacity for collaborating with others. Partnerships seems to go flawless in your associations and you do not feel at all deprived just because you aren't the top dog of the company. Your abilities behind the top banana get things done in a professional manner. Although you may not get the acknowledgement you deserve, and it can be frustrating, you stay consistently bright with the relationships you've built.


Things to watch For

Since you have a sensitive personality you may be susceptible to the harsh side of the world you're in. Relationships with sympathetic and responsive friends are a must. Your personal partner connection requires generosity and happiness to keep you strong.


Expression 3


Your personality is one of positivism, inspirational, sociable, and very expressive. People pick up on your energy and enthusiasm and are influenced by how you carry yourself. Your optimism is appealing and magnetic though you are resistant to get involved. You have a knack for creativity and may have a future in the arts.


What To Look Out For


Though you are innovative, you need to hit the brakes regarding your imagination as you may tend to scatter your capabilities. Your weakness is lack of discipline and control in your life. Learn concentration and focusing in order succeed at your goals.


Expression Number 4


You have the talent to be the cornerstone of just about any enterprise you have interest in. You get through the day in a systematic and orderly way. This element in a personality is usually the sign of an accountant, public servant, manager and even a lawyer.

You may be drawn to music and the arts, but only in a methodical way.

Relationships may be a snag for you because of your bullheadedness. You have a disdain for anything unsettled and capricious which can make your moralistic and stubbornness come to the surface, leaving you with no resolve. Dig deep to bring out the creativity in you to draw in the people who can counsel you with inspiration.


Number 5


Number 5 is a free spirited individual that loves stimulation, change, and adventure. Love of freedom is the straw that stirs your drink of life. It also brings out the capabilities inside of you.

Your desire to "try everything once in life" could lead to harmful and detrimental outcomes. Your spontaneous thinking can lead you through disorganized and haphazard times, yet your gift of communication can be a benefit to you. Sales, attorney, PR and even the clergy vocations are good possibilities for your future.
Discipline and healthy lifestyle is what you need to focus on to achieve all the things in life you hunger for.


Number 6


The expression number 6 personality is one of those caring types that puts the longings and problems of others before them self. Friends look up to you for your honesty and responsibility. Your sacrifices and oblations are appreciated by others but at times this restrains your own needs and abilities to grow your creative side.

Your inherent talents of bringing people together when they're having problems could lead your towards a vocation as a therapist or counselor. Other possibilities for your future could be working as a teacher, a doctor of psychology, or a case worker. You would even be qualified starting your own business in gardening, your own florist shop and other outdoor trades in farming.


Expression 7


Expression 7 is someone drawn towards truth and understanding, particularly because of your inquisitive mind and desire for answers to science and technical questions. Careers for you could be in research, examiner of spiritualism and ideology, or even a priest.

You are one that keeps ideas to yourself and has a strong need for alone time. This type of lifestyle may lead to alienating yourself from others. You do not have much patience with those who are superficial which lead you to criticism and skeptical when it isn't necessary. Be careful that you don't build a barrier that keeps you from socializing and becoming distant. A good practice for you would be meditation and finding relaxing lifestyles to follow.


Number 8


The number 8 is an individual who is capable of achieving high accomplishments. Your competitiveness leads you to want the best of everything especially your career aspirations. Self-control and discipline will get you where you want to go no matter what the difficulties that may come your way.

You can be the leader of those around you with you instinctual perception of humanity. Your journey to success demands that you learn how to strike a balance between being charitable or firm with your associates.

Watch out that you're not being to narrow-minded and stubborn regarding the opinions of others. For a successful outcome you will need to compensate between your materialistic desires, and that laid-back person you still have within.


Expression Number 9


You are known as being charitable, benevolent, and humane. Your dreams are to turn the world around you with your idealism. It gives you pleasure to be engaged in activities that benefit humanity in need. Healing, caring for others, schooling, and protecting the natural environment are all things you will be good at.

You are not biased or discriminating in any way. Though you maintain a distance with other people, they are drawn to you. It seems that you give away your feelings even though you are a caring and genuine person. However, you aren't particularly good at sizing up people and may be a bit socially awkward, you still have a strong faith in the kindness and integrity of people.


Master Number 11


Expression number 11 has a strong presence. Still this person is unaware of her/his strength and authority. This person has always felt different from everybody else and feels a powerful spirituality within. You might fall into an emotional conflict and anxiety if you can't control your your high energy. Being disciplined at keeping self aware can bring you stability of your emotions.

You don't like being too dependent on close relationships but it's hard for you avoid it. It makes you feel exposed and defenseless in life and hesitant to share your feelings. Your major challenge is to find strength in your inner self and start taking advantage of your inherent capabilities.


 Number 22


You are known as the "big" dreamer. You want to do something in your life that will be remembered by all. There is no limit to what you can achieve with the power leadership capabilities you have. Barriers, mainstream culture, and social groups are not in your vocabulary.

You encourage others to follow your aspirations and enjoy the benefits of expanding their possibilities in life- you look at this as your gift to humanity. You are a genuine philanthropist, but taking these risks can also lead you to frustration and fear that you won't make it.


Expression Master Number 33


Expression number 33 is a profound teacher of others. Often referred as the "Master Teacher" you have capabilities deep and profound. This is a very challenging position to be in and many thirty three's can't take the pressure and wind up failing. However, those that do succeed climb their way to lofty expectations of spiritual intelligence and enlightenment.

Refer back to our description of the Expression number 6 individuals living very loving and carrying lifestyle. This is the personality most expression 33 people wind up resembling. Unfortunately they are influenced by the number 6 qualities that are not only on the positive side, but the negative attributes as well.

A number 33 that takes on negative number 6 properties will sometimes be psychologically and physically harmful to others. On the other hand, the positive influences will help a 33 to heal, soothe and console people they care for.