The Important Numerology Core Numbers


numerology core numbers


The 5 Numerology Core Numbers


Numerology theory is based on five core numbers that serve as building blocks to help us to interpret and understand our numerology number meanings. These five numerology core numbers in order of importance are:

  1. Life Path number
  2. Expression number
  3. Personality number
  4. Soul urge number (AKA Heart's Desire number)
  5. Birthday Number

These are all built off your own birth date as well as birth name, and the how they influence your attributes, characteristics, temperaments and more.

Here is a breakdown of their individual numerology meanings.


Life Path number


Considered to be the most influential number, your life path is a master plan that lays a kind of blueprint of your life journey and how it develops through the years. Your Life Path number meanings are derived from the entire numbers of your birth date- Your day, month and year. Since this means the whole of your existence, it cannot change and is significantly unique.

Your life path will include opportunities as well as confrontations along the way. Knowing this can help you to be prepared and deal with any situations as a life lesson for you to get control of before it happens.


Personal Expression number (AKA Destiny Number)



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Your Expression number comes from the numbers that correspond to the letters in your name. It indicates your talents and skills in addition to vulnerabilities and deficiencies that you've have since birth. Your Expression number meanings can help sort out any bumps in the road and guide your life path to a lifetime of positive experiences.



Personality number



This number is in regard to the initial impressions others see in you. Unlike your expression number, the personality number is based only on the consonants in your name letters.

Your personality number meaning is specific to segments of your being that you are OK with acknowledging to others. Especially those you click with by nature and similar situations. At the same time it can act as a cushion against those who seem to you as bad karma that you want to stay clear of.



Soul Urge Number (AKA Heart's Desire number)

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From your career to numerology compatibility relationships, your soul urge number meanings tell you of the reasoning behind choices you make. What will you choose in the love and aspirations that you desire? These meanings reveal the reason for your urges done to the bone, your soul level.

This Heart's Desire number is counter to the personality attributes in that it is based on the vowel(s) letters in you name.



Birth Day number



This number is based strictly on the day number of the month that you were born. It specify's the capabilities, skills and talents that you were born into. These attributes will ultimately manifest themselves into your life path journey.

The Birth Day number is not regarded as the most significant core number, yet it has importance in its impact on your life. The meaning will reveal a singularly decisive and essential attribute you will have. You embodied a destiny on the day you were born and with that comes a special gift from the numerology cosmos.